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Book Reviews

14/02/20133 mistakes of my lifeChetan Bhagat more
14/02/2013 The Christmas Mystery Jostein Gaarder more
14/02/2013The AlchemistPaulo Coelho more
31/01/2013The Monk Who Sold His FerrariRobin Sharma more
31/01/2013The MagicRhonda Byrne more
13/12/2012 Ignited MindsAPJ Abdul Kalam more
13/12/2012The Silence Of The LambsMr.Thomas Harris more
22/06/2009Manmoham Singh- Father of Indian ReformsPriya Ganpathy more
20/04/2009The Monk Who Sold His FerrariRobin Sharma more
23/03/2009Swami and FriendsR.K Narayanan more
16/02/20095 Point SomeoneChetan Bhagat more
16/02/2009India 2020 A. P. J. A Kalam/ Y. S. Rajan more
05/01/200917 Steps To ExcellenceDharam Prakash more
10/11/2008The ZahirPaulo Coelho more
13/10/2008Unlimited PowerAntony Robins more
15/09/2008In Search Of ExcellenceJohn Peters more
15/09/2008The Book Of LifeJ. Krishna Moorthy more
25/08/2008The Toyota WayJeffrey K Liller more
25/08/2008City Of JoyDomnique Lapirree more
21/07/2008You Can WinShiv Khera more
30/06/2008Fortune At The Botton Of The PyramidC K Prahlad more
16/06/2008Ask Why? Think Why NotJyothish Kumar more
19/05/2008Count Your Chicken Before They HatchArindham Chaudhri more
12/05/2008Wal Mart StorySam Walton more
12/05/2008Rich Dad, Poor DadRobert Kivosaki more
21/04/2008Ignited MindsA. P. J. Abdul Kalam more
21/04/2008Tipping PointC.K Prahlad more
10/03/2008AlchemistPaulo Coehlo more
28/01/2008Seven Habits Of Highly Effective PeopleSteven Covey more
21/01/2008Eighth HabitSteven Covey more
07/01/2008CoolieMulkraj Anand more
10/12/2007Romance Of Tata SteelR. M. Lala more
19/11/2007Men Are From Mars And Women Are From VenusJohn Gray more
19/11/2007The World Is FlatThomas Friedman more
24/09/2007Seven Habits Of Effective PeopleSteven Covey more
17/09/2007MacbethShakesphere more
20/08/2007Good To GreatJim Collins more
20/08/2007Les MiserableVictor Hujo more
06/08/2007Line Of FireP.Musharaf more
23/07/2007Time ManagementDaniel Ferguson more
23/07/2007Wings Of FireA. P. J. Abdul Kalam more
16/07/2007Pather PanchaliSharat Chandra more
09/07/2007Who Moved My CheeseDr. Spencer Johnson more
02/07/2007The One Minute ManagerDr. Ken Blanchard & Dr.Spencer Johnson more
11/06/2007Secrets of face to face communicationRobert & Peter Watzberg more
27/11/2006Made In AmericaSam Walton more
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