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  • Business Ethics written by Dr. Mathew Illathuparampil is a promising book that fills a long empty niche in business ethics in India. It offers an excellent account of the state of the art in accessible language. It is a beautiful guide for both students and professionals of business administration.
  • Accountancy for Managers (In Printing)
  • Nutraceuticals: A food supplement on human health (In Printing)
  • The MACFAST Newsletter: Details all the happenings at MACFAST and serves as a platform to encourage the literary skills of students.
  • Journal of Science, Technology & Management: Detailed landmark papers and achievements in these three fields
  • Indian Ethos and Management Values by Rev. Dr Mathew Illathuparambil Price Rs 200.
Indian Ethos and Management Values revisits the contemporary attempts in developing    an  indigenous management style using the resources of Indian Ethos. This work maintains a happy balance between the pitfall of polar opposites possible in an academic pursuit. Its approach is student friendly, while not become superficial. Treatment of subject is focused and concise, but extend also to intriguing issues in business management. While caputing current scholarship in the feild, it converses also the ancient sources. A faithful adherent to the tenets of Indian ethos, this work how ever, holds in esteem other traditions as well.
  •  Puthiya Veenjum Puthiya Kuppiuyum : reflection on life by Rev Dr. Abraham Mulamoottil Price Rs 250
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